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This is part of the mother series gaming series and is the third installment. The screen operates from a top-down perspective and the player controls characters in the game in a two-dimensional fictional world. In the overworld the player can collect items, converse with non-player characters and encounter enemies. To level up you will need to earn experience points by battling and winning against your enemies. When you level up certain character traits are increased like power points (PP), Maximum Hit points (HP), offense, and defense.  You can also attach accessories and weapons to the character so as to increase certain attributes. To restore your PP, HP or heal you can visit one of the several hot springs spread out through the game. You can save the game by speaking to special frogs. In the latter half of the game, you have the introduction of Dragon points. This enables you to purchase items and is earned when you win in battles. You can withdraw or deposit Dragon points from the frogs. Download Mother 3 GBA ROM here.

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How to Play Mother 3 GBA ROM

The game is single player and is turn-based game. The game will turn into a battle screen whenever the player encounters the enemy. Enemies are viewed on a distorted animated background while the player plays on a first-person perspective. You do battle by assigning each character an action to perform. This includes attacking the enemy, using special items to restore PP or HP. Their characters who use special psychic abilities like PSI to heal or perform stronger attacks; this requires the use of PP to perform. To unlock levels and acquire special items Download Mother 3 GBA ROM Here.

The game has a health odometer to control the character’s health. When the character is injured the odometer goes down. The odometer does not go down completely but slows gradually; this enables the wounded character to act quickly to heal themselves or perform attacks. When the injured character loses all their health they become unconscious and require another character to revive them. The battle is lost if the player loses all their characters. From the nearest save point the player is given the option to continue with the game but they do this with half their DP. Download Mother 3 GBA ROM here.

The game comes with an amazing soundtrack that was not available in previous games. Enemies have in their possession different musical themes. You can press a button parallel to the background music whenever you are attacking the enemy with a weapon. This gives you the ability to repeat attacks; up to sixteen times. You can also put the enemy to sleep whenever you are unable to find the correct beat. Download our Mother 3 GBA ROM here.

What is the Plot in Mother 3 GBA ROM?

Mother 3 GBA ROMThe plot takes place through eight chapters that begin with the prologue. The opening season begins with twins Claus and Lucas visiting their father, with their mother in the mountains. The kids play with some friendly dragons called Dragos. Their small village named Tazmily does not use any form of currency. Hinawa husband, Flint receives a letter from Hinawa while at the same time the Pig Mask army invade Tazmily village when they start a small fire. Flint goes to the village to help contain the fire but is disappointed that his family has not yet returned from their visit in the mountains. You can download Mother 3 GBA ROM here.

Flint lashes out in anger and is arrested when he discovers that Hinawa has been killed through a fang chest wound caused by Drago. Claus helps Flint escape from prison by sneaking him a tool and also discovers that it is Drago who is responsible for Hinawa death. Chapter one ends with flint going in search of Claus. Chapter two begins with Duster the neophyte thief discovering a mysterious egg with the world’s secrets when he breaks into a castle. He meets princess Kumatora but a separated by the flood. Chapter features the pig army leader ordering Salsa to the desert but Salsa goes to the forest and together with Kumatora fight the Pig Mask Army. The battle is turned into their favor when Lucas summons Dragos. Salsa and kumatora are on the lookout for Duster as Flint and Lucas protect the town. Download Mother 3 GBA ROM.

Chapter four happens three years later and finds a modernized Tazmily. Lucas is the main protagonist in the chapter and is taught psychic powers by a creature called Magypsy and has Duster as his bandmate. Chapter five has Duster, Lucas, and Kumatora discovering a mysterious egg and a masked man. Lucas meets the ghost of his dead mother Hinawa in chapter six. In an attempt to be reunited with his mother in a sunflower field Lucas falls in Haystacks in Tazmily. Duster and Kumatora are separated from Lucas in chapter seven. Lucas finds his dog Boney and together discovers the seven magysies that keep seven needles. Download Mother 3 GBA Here.Download Mother 3 ROM

Lucas races the masked man to acquire the seven needles while reuniting with his friends and meeting Mr. Saturn. Chapter eight sees Porky the Pig King master inviting Lucas and his friends to new pork city where many of the residents of Tazmily have relocated. Lucas and the masked man have so far pulled three needles. Lucas discovers that the dragon protects the islands and that the egg can be destructive. Lucas also discovers that Porky is plotting to take the needles; this leads in a fight but before they can destroy porky he hides in his capsule which Lucas and his friends cannot access. Download Mother 3 GBA ROM here.

The capsule that Porky has hidden in cannot harm them. Lucas later finds Flint as they prepare to pull the final needle. The masked man identity is finally revealed and it is none other than Claus. He engages them in battle which leads to Flint getting injured as he takes a blow for Lucas. The spirit of Hinawa attempts to speak to Claus. Claus comes to his senses but his killed as he tries to deflect an attack. The dragon is awakened by Lucas when he pulls the final needle and destroys the islands of nowhere. The cast of the game survive the attacks leaving Porky still trapped in the capsule. The mother 3 logo is finally restored. You can download Mother 3 GBA ROM here.

How to use Mother 3 GBA ROM?

The Mother 3 GBA Rom enables players to create their own unique user experience. Using our editor you can customize your maps, characters and collect hidden items in the game. To use the GBA Rom you will first need to remove the smart card from the GBA and install it on your computer. After this, you can download the Mother 3 GBA Rom and transfer the files to the Smartcard. Reinstall the smart card back to your GBA and you can play the game just like before. The ROM enables players to take the game experience beyond your imagination. The GBA ROM does not cause any blockages and you will not find any annoying gaming errors. The GBA ROM has a user-friendly interface that enables it easy to use by beginners. Our site is safe and secure and you can download the GBA ROM within the shortest time possible.

Compatibility and Security

When it comes to the design of our GBA ROM we ensured that all customers are catered for. Our ROM is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac PC. We have taken stringent measures that our site is free from hackers. This makes our ROM download to be free from malware and viruses. We have eradicated all bugs and therefore you will not experience any blockages or errors when playing the game. Earthbound is a very cool game with excellent graphics. What better way to enhance the gaming experience than to create your maps, characters and collect hidden items. This gives you an edge over your enemies and you get to earn more hit points.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of customer care staff who are available 24/7 to respond to any queries within the fastest time possible. Our developers are always up to date with the latest gaming developments. This ensures that we deliver the latest ROM to our customers. You can send us any comments and suggestions through our suggestion box. We are always looking for ways to enhance user experience and make our gaming rom to be useful.

Why Choose US?

We have a safe, secure site that is free from any malware and viruses. We constantly update our ROM to make sure that it is the latest in the market. If you are looking for a way to access more gaming features then you need to download our Mother 3 GBA ROM here.

Download Mother 3 GBA ROM here.Download Mother 3 ROM

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