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The goes by the name earthbound beginnings outside Japan. The game is role-based and is set in 20th century US. The plot follows a young Ninten as he studies some of his great grandfather’s psychic powers to wage battle against hostile enemies and inanimate objects. The battle scenes are random and are through menu-based first-person perspective narrative. The leads the mother series followed by Earthbound and Mother 3 that was released in 2006. The director of the game –Shigesato Itoi – pitched the idea to Nintendo executives at their headquarters. The game was first made available in 1989 and a version was made in English for the North America market. This was however abandoned but game enthusiasts circulated an unofficial version online under the name Earthbound zero to differentiate it from the original copy. Finally, it was released worldwide on the Wii U virtual console under the name Earthbound Beginnings in June 1995. Many of the critics found the game very similar to the Dragon Quest series. Weekly Famitsu – a Japanese publication – inaugurated the game into their silver hall of fame. The game sold more than 150,000 copies during this time. You can download Mother 1 English ROM here.

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How to Play Mother 1 English ROM

This is a single player role based game. The plot happens in 20th century US and includes various Japanese contemporaries. The game, unlike other RPG games, is not set in a fantasy world; it is only the final sequence that has science fiction. You will not find dungeons on the game but the player fights in warehouses and laboratories. Instead of magic, assault weapons and swords players use toy guns, psychic abilities, and baseball bats. To access more game features download our Mother 1 English ROM here.

The main protagonist is called Ninten and is 12 years of age. The game uses a random encounter combat system just like in Dragon Quest series. The player fights in an overworld and uses the first-person perspective to engage in battle options that can be accessed on the game menus. You can choose to either guard, fight, check enemy attributes, use items, run away, use defensive or offensive attacks, and have healing psychic powers. The autopilot lets the player set a battle to auto. The moment you have critical hits there will be a “SMAAASH” sound and text. Download Mother 1 English ROM.

The player can talk or check with other people, objects and animals by pressing a button. You will find that the game has similar features to Earthbound: Ninten can store items through her sister at home or make a phone call to the father to save the game or use the ATM to banks money. You can view all of Ninten friends on the overworld screen. The locations are not kept separate but are interconnected. The game begins when Ninten discovers his grandfather’s music box – who had studied psychic powers. He also receives a journal. Ninten finds himself being attacked by household items and when he goes outside, he finds a crazy world with attacking everyday items. Download Mother 1 English ROM here.

What is the Plot in Mother 1 English ROM?

Mother 1 English ROMThe plot begins with a young American couple that vanishes from their rural home. After two years the husband George returns to the village and begins a study in strange things while in exclusion. We do not hear about the wife – Maria – again. Some years pass and it is now 1988 when a young American boy called Ninten finds himself being attacked by paranormal activity. His father reveals to the young man that his great-grandfather had studied psychic powers. Ninten is instructed by the father to go investigate the paranormal activities happening all over the village. Ninten soon discovers that an invading alien is responsible. Download Mother 1 English ROM here.

Ninten soon gets entangles with Queen Mary who instructs him to collect for her the eight melodies and play to her song. Ninten comes to Earth and finds a friend called Lloyd who is facing bullying in his elementary school. The pair embarks on a journey to return a lost hat to Ana in the town of Snowman –she happens to have psychic powers. Ana joins the pair in search of her missing mother led by her psychic powers that showed her Ninten in a dream. Download Mother 1 English ROM here.

Ninten ends up finding most of the melodies but faces numerous attacks from Teddy who is in charge of the local gang. Ninten defeats Teddy in battle and teddy joins them with the intent of avenging his parent’s death by the Holy Loly Mountain. Lloyd does not go. While at the foot of Holy mountain Ana declares her unending love for Ninten and requests him to promise her that he will be with her all the time. The two profess their unending love and dance the night away. The party faces a vicious attack from a robot just when they are about to leave. Lloyd comes to the rescue of the team with a tank but ends up critically wounding some of them. They escape in a boat but a powerful whirlwind leads then to a hidden laboratory where they find a robot. The robot informs them that is was built by Ninten father to protect him. Download Mother 1 English ROM here.Download Mother 1 English ROM

Flood flows destroy the laboratory and the team with help of the robot flees to the mountains. Along the way, they find Ana mother hidden in a cave with other human prisoners. They have to defeat the mother ship for them to release all the prisoners. A more powerful robot attacks them while in the cabin. When George robot self-destructs it destroys this robot leaving the seventh melody. Ninten then gets an opportunity to sing the melodies to Queen Mary. While singing the song she is reminded of her lost child called Gying. It is finally revealed that she is Ninken lost mother Maria but vanishes afterward. Download Mother 1 English ROM here.

The party discovers George’s grave and the base of Holy Loly Mountain. The power of Maria’s conscience clears large rock boulders at the entrance of a cave. The party eventually encounter the powerful mothership with Giygas inside. While Giygas is grateful for the team helping them he accuses George’s father of stealing vital information from them and they now want it back. Ninten refuses to board the ship which causes Giygas to attempt to put him to sleep. The party sings the eight melodies which remind Giygas of his mother’s love. Giygas overcome with emotion flies away and the game ends. To access our editor Download Mother 1 English ROM here.

How to Use Mother 1 English ROM

The ROM enables the user to create their own unique gaming experience. Users can customize maps, acquire weapons and special items. Instead of playing the game for hours just to customize their armor the players can use the editor to collect their own items. This gives the player a head start when it comes to battles with opponents. The gaming rom can be downloaded to your computer and then the files transferred to your console smart card. The Mother 1 English ROM is easy to use and is suitable for beginners. Players do not experience any blockages or errors when playing the game. The ROM is safe and secure to download.

Compatibility and Security

We have ensured that all our customers are able to access our ROM. We have done this by ensuring that the ROM is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac Pc. The ROM has a friendly user interface that is easy to use with accessible menus. The ROM enables players to take their gaming experience beyond their imagination. Many customers are apprehensive when it comes to downloading stuff online. This is because some sites contain malware that can harm your PC. We use top-notch security software to ensure that the downloads that you make on our site are free from malware and viruses. You will enjoy playing the game just like before but this time with cool game items.

Customer Support

We have a team of professional customer care staff who ensure that all queries are answered within the fastest time possible. Our staff is available 24/7 which ensures that you can locate us at any time of the day. In case you have any ideas on how we can improve our ROM you can send contact us on our suggestion box. We are always trying to update our ROM so that it is one of the latest in the market.

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