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The game is a role-based game that goes by the name Earthbound beginnings outside Japan. It is fashioned like the Dragon Quest Series and is set in the 20th Century US. The game follows the life of a young man called Ninten as uses some of his great-grandfather psychic powers to fight inanimate objects come to life and other villains. The game uses first-person perspective and random encounters through the battle systems. It was the first game in the series followed by Earthbound and finally mother 3. The game’s developer called Shigesato Itoi first pitched the idea for the game to Nintendo executives but they declined his proposal. However, he was given a development team. The game was eventually released in 1989 but it was abandoned for being commercially not viable. Some people found a prototype of the game and released it on the internet under the name Earthbound zero to differentiate it from Earthbound. The game was finally released to the public in 2015 and can be used on the Wii U Virtual Console. You can download Earthbound Zero ROM here.

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How to Play Earthbound Zero Game

The game is set in the United States in the 20th century and is a role-based game. The game is very different from some of the Japanese games because it does not use a fantasy world and only includes science fiction during the last episode. Instead of the typical dungeons, the player fights in laboratories and warehouses. Instead of the usual magic, swords and assault weapons, the player uses toy guns, psychic abilities, and baseball bats. The main protagonist is a boy called Ninten who is 12 years old. To access our editor download Earthbound Zero ROM here.

The game uses a random encounter just like in the Dragon Quest series. The player in top-down perspective explores the overworld and chooses from menus attack options. When it is the players turn they can choose whether to use items, be on the defense or offense, fight, check enemy attributes, or have healing psychic powers. The player can set the game on auto and have battles done on their behalf. Whenever you register a critical hit you will hear a “SMAASH” sound and text. You can download Earthbound Zero ROM here.

There is a button that once pressed enables Ninten to talk and check on objects, animals, and people. The game is similar to Earthbound and gives the player options like store items in sisters home, save game through Ninten’s father, access an ATM. You can view some of Ninten’s friends on theoverworldd screen. The game’s maps do not keep locations separate like in other games but is interconnected in all areas. The story begins with Ninten discovering a music box and his great grandfather’s journal. His ancestor studied psychic powers a century ago. Ninken finds himself being attacked by inanimate objects and this encourages him to seek solutions to the crazy world that confounds him. You can download Earthbound Zero Rom here.

What is the Game Plot in Earthbound Zero?

The game begins with a young American couple that vanishes mysteriously in a small rural town. The husband called George mysteriously reappears into the town but without the wife. He lives a secluded life while studying strange things. The wife, Maria is not heard of till the end of the game. The plot then shifts to several years later. The year is 1988 and the protagonist Ninten finds himself being attacked by paranormal activity. George the father explains to him that the grandfather was involved in psychic powers and request Ninken to embark on a journey to find the source of the paranormal activity. Download Earthbound Zero here.

The psychic activity is later revealed to be the work of aliens. Ninten after finishing some tasks he comes back to earth and is asked by Queen Mary to find her a song. Ninten soon befriends Lloyd who is being bullied in elementary school. The two embark on a journey to find Ana and return her lost hat. Ana has psychic powers, informs Ninten that she has seen him in her dreams, and joins the duo in search of her lost mother. Download Earthbound Zero here.

After the party discovers most of the melodies, Teddy while in a karaoke bar attacks Ninten. A dual ensues which is won by Ninten. Teddy then joins the team in search of revenge for his parents killed by the Holy Loly mountain. Ana and Ninken fall in love while in the cottage and profess their underlying love for each other. As the team is about to live the mountains they are confronted by a potent robot that knocks out the entire team. Lloyd who had been left behind comes to the rescue of the team with a tank. Download Earthbound Zero here.

The team then gets into a boat and travel to the Holy mountain. But, a whirlwind pulls then under to a hidden laboratory. Here they encounter a mysterious robot that claims to have been built by George father. The robot informs the team that it is here to protect Ninken. The robot helps them ascend when the laboratory gets flooded. On their way, they find prisoners –including Ana mother – in a cave. In order to free the prisoners, they first have to defeat the mother ship. But, before they can do this a great robot confronts them. George robot self-destructs and protects the team from eminent ruin. The team also finds the seventh melody. To unlock more features download our Earthbound Zero ROM here.Download Earthbound Zero ROM

They team learns this melody and is immediately warped into Magicant were Ninten performs the song to Queen Mary. As the song is being sang she remembers of an alien child she once loved called Gying. Before she can vanish she reveals that she is George’s lost wife Maria. The team soon finds themselves on Holy Loly Mountain. The discover George grave and a cave that is blocked by big boulders of rock. Maria’s conscience clears the rocks for the team. They then come face to face with the mother ship that has Giygas. While Giygas is grateful to George and Maria for raising him, he is made at Ninten because the father stole vital information from him. Giygas tries to put Ninten to slumber after he declines to board his mother ship. The rest of the team sing to Giygas the eight melodies and his overwhelmed with emotion as he remembers Maria’s love. The game ends as Giygas flies away as the credit rolls stream by. You can download Earthbound Zero ROM here.

How to use Earthbound Zero ROM

The gaming ROM enables the user to access our cool editor that enables users to create their own unique gaming experience. Players can acquire items and weapons that were not previously locked in the game. Earthbound Zero ROM is easy to use and is suitable for first timers. Once you have downloaded the game to your computer it will be located on the download folder. Using your game smart card you can transfer the gaming files into the smart card and then reinstall to your game. The ROM  does not cause any blockages nor do you see error messages. Our site is safe and secure. The gaming ROM enables users to bring their imagination into the game.

Compatibility and security

It can be annoying downloading a great ROM then discovering that it does not work on your computer. We have taken the right steps to ensure that our Earthbound Zero Rom is compatible with many computers including Microsoft Windows and Mac. Your download security is a priority to us and we take it very seriously. Our programmers have run and used the game to ensure that there are not bugs. Our site is also very secure and free from malware and viruses. We take the time to study the gaming industry and that is why we have one of the latest Earthbound Zero ROM. Our editor enables the player to collect special items and weapons. This means you have a better chance of winning battles against your enemies and earning those Hit points.

Customer Support

Our customer care support staff are available 24/7 which guarantees that you can contact us at any time of the day. If you have any comments about the game you can drop then to our suggestion box. Our team of developers are always up to date with the latest gaming developments. This makes our downloads one of the latest in the market.

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We have been in the gaming industry for decades. This gives us the necessary expertise when it comes to ROM downloads. Our site is safe, secure and free from malware and viruses. You do not experience any blockages or gaming errors when playing the game. You can create your own unique gaming experience through our editor.

Download Earthbound Zero ROM here.Download Earthbound Zero ROM

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