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The game is also known as mother 2 in Japan. The game was made available to the public in 1994 and is a role-based game. The game is the second one in the Mother series and was the only game till 2015 to be released in English. The plot involves Ness and his team of four who travel around the world collecting melodies while defeating the villain called Giygas. Giygas was there in the first mother series. The game took over five years to develop with the major challenge being the developers’ inability to work night shifts during the development stage. The soundtrack is simply amazing with reggae, salsa and dub music. The tracks cover two compact discs. The game development was almost abandoned until Itawa joined the team. The game them revolves around western culture in particular that in America. Instead of a fantasy world, Earthbound used a real world with streets and highways. The game promoters embarked on a $2 million dollar campaign titles “game stinks”. The game, however, did not do that well in the US upon release with critics not liking the marketing slogan while some found the graphics too basic. You can download Earthbound Emulator Here.

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How to Play Earthbound Emulator

The game is role-based with the player controlling a set of characters as they navigate the games villages, caves, cities and dungeons. The player moves through a two-dimensional world and fights enemies along the way while earning experience points. When the experience points are large enough the player will have a level rise. Character attributes such as defense, offense, maximum hit points, and psychic points are also increased. The world is totally seamless with no difference between the outside world and towns. This is unlike other RPGs that use an overworld screen map. You can download Earthbound Emulator.

Unlike other RPG games that use a top-down approach, earthbound uses an oblique projection. You will not also find random encounters but when the player is contacted by the enemy the screen turns into battle mode. Players and enemies are given a specified number of Hitpoints. When you receive blows the HP reduce and when they get to zero the enemy is defeated. There special enemies, when defeated the player, gets an item. There various actions available to the player; healing, spying (reveals weaknesses and strengths), attacking, mirroring (copy enemies traits), and you could choose to just run away. There is special PSI that you can use but they require PP. Depending on the character speed each of the characters in the game follows and assigned command. This is done in a set order. Download Earthbound Emulator Here.

Earthbound EmulatorThe HP in the Earthbound resembles an odometer and it rolls down whenever a character is damaged. The rolling down does not occur at once but gives the player time to win the battle before it hits zero or to heal themselves. If the HP continue declining the character becomes unconscious. The game screen turns to the endgame and the player is asked whether they want to continue. If you say yes Ness comes back from consciousness but with half the money in the pocket and the last telephone made. You can gain tactical advantages because the game is random. You can get a first strike priority if you approach the enemy from behind and make contact. This will turn the screen to green while it turns to red if it’s the player who is approached from behind by the enemy. If its neutral the screen will be blue. When Ness and his friends become stronger they do not need to battle enemies but they flee whenever they see them. You can download Earthbound Emulator here.

You can receive currency from Ness father each time you win a game. You can withdraw the deposited amount through an ATM. You can buy armor, weapons, and items from various shops distributed across the game. Armor and weapons increase the defense and strength of the characters. Some of the items can be used for healing while characters can find medical facilities in some towns. You can download Earthbound Emulator Here.

What is the Plot for Earthbound Emulator?

The game takes place several years after the last game. The protagonist is a young boy called Ness who is called upon to investigate a meteorite attack. They find the antagonist Giygas has returned to earth and has started turning some of the objects, humans, and animals in the game into malicious creatures. To stop the strike a small bee is sent to Ness from the future with instructions that he should collect melodies and put them in sound stone. However, Pokey and Picky mother kill the bee by mistake confusing it for a pest. Download Earthbound Emulator Here.

Ness soon meets Poo (ponytailed martial artist), Jeff (an eccentric inventor) and Paula ( a psychic girl). Together they travel to Happy Valley where they defeat a zombie called Threed. Paula uses telepathy to communicate with Jeff who is in winter boarding school and requests him to come and rescue them. Their journey continues to a village Saturn, a seaside resort in summers and the city of fourside. Poo who happens to be the prince of Dalaam joins the team after engaging in a violent meditation called Mu. You can download Earthbound Emulator here.Download Earthbound Emulator

The teams transverses the deep darkness swamp, Scaraba desert and a village called Tenda where creatures need a book to cure their shyness. There is also a forgotten world inhabited by dinosaurs. With the sound stone filled Ness is able to confront his dark side while in Magicant. Using the Phase distorter Ness and his team are able to travel back in time. They transfer their souls into robots and battle Giygas. The team soon learns that Pokey is working for Giygas in secret. He also has a device that has an alien. Download our Earthbound Emulator Here.

The group gets into a fight with Pokey and turn off the device. But Giygas and monster have been released and starts fighting the team. The fight is heavy and so Paula uses her psychic powers to contact the inhabitants of earth to pray for them. The prayers result in forcing Giygas to confront his human weakness and it also destroys the alien. Life goes back to normal and it ends with Pokey sending Ness a message to locate him. You can play the game on your PC by downloading our Earthbound Emulator.

How to use Earthbound Emulator

There are those who prefer playing Earthbound on their computers. Well, this can be possible, once you have downloaded our ROM the next thing that you will need is the Earthbound Emulator. This will turn your home PC into a powerful gaming machine. The emulator is safe and secure and you will not experience any blockages when playing the game. It also does not alter how you play the game in any way and you will have the same user experience like on your console. The game ROM enables users to create their own unique game preferences. You can edit maps, locations, characters, and access special game items. This will put you in a better position than your enemies.

Compatibility and Security

To ensure that we do not lock out any of our customers we have ensured that our emulator is compatible with almost any PC. Be it Microsoft Windows or Mac we have ensured that no one is left behind. The Earthbound emulator has a friendly user-interface that has easy to access menus. The game emulator can be used by first-timers. The game emulator enables the user to enjoy the same game features like those in the game console. When it comes to security, we have taken the right steps to ensure that our site is free from malware and viruses. You will not experience any blockages or errors when you are playing the game. We use complex encryption software to ensure that our site is free from hackers. Our site caters to a wide range of gamers.

Customer Support

We have a team of support staff who ensure that any queries directed at us are responded to in the fastest time possible. We also keep to date with the latest gaming developments, which ensures that our Earthbound Emulator is up to date. Our gaming emulator is user-friendly and can be used by first-timers. We have ensured that the game emulator is free from bugs and errors. In case you do have some questions concerning the game you can drop them at our suggestion box. Our team is available 24/7 and ensures that all your queries and questions are responded to in a timely manner.

Why Choose US?

We have taken the right steps to ensure that our gaming emulator is free from any malware and viruses. Our gaming emulator enables players to turn their PCs into gaming machines.

Download our Earthbound Emulator Here.Download Earthbound Emulator

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