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The game is role-based and is the second in the Mother series. It went by Mother 2 in Japan and was created in 1994. The plot involves Ness and his four friends who travel who collect melodies to defeat a villain called Giygas. The first game was released in Japanese, but Earthbound come with English titles. It was released in North America in June 1995. The development period was extensive lasting five years. The lead programmer later becomes the president of Satoru Iwata. The game incorporates exotic soundtracks that include reggae, salsa, and dub music. Suzuki the music produced enough music to fill two disc tracks. The set come under repeated attacks from members who had not worked on the original titles and it is Iwata joining the team that cooled things down. The game incorporated Western culture and was one of the first games to feature a real world. The game had a goofy tone with the use of a pencil eraser to remove pencil statutes. To avoid confusion, the game was changed from Mother 2 to Earthbound. Download Earthbound ROM here.

How to Play Earthbound ROM

The game has a two-dimensional world that consists of cities, villages, caves, and dungeons. The game being role based lets the player control a set of characters through the fictional world. The player earns experience points whenever they defeat enemies in battle. There is a level upgrade when experience points increase. Other character traits that are increased include offense, defense, psychic points and maximum hit points. Unlike other RPG games that use an overworld, there is no differentiation between the outside world and towns. Download Earthbound ROM here.

A key difference in the game is that it uses an oblique projection, unlike other 2D RPG games that use an isometric or top-down grid view. There are also no random encounters in the game. The battle mode is automatically activated when the players encounter an enemy. Each of the game characters is given hit points which reduce when the receive blows. If the enemy HP reach zero they are defeated. To receive special items you have to defeat specific enemies. You control the characters by choosing specific actions that include mirroring (which is to copy enemy actions), spying (reveals enemies weakness and strengths), healing, attacking and you can run away. To access more game features Download Earthbound ROM here.Download Earthbound ROM

There are special PSI attacks that the character uses that require PP. The player assigns a characters commands based on their speed and this allows them to perform actions in a set order. The HP box resembles and odometer and rolls down when the character is damaged. This gives the player to either heal the character or engage them in battle before the odometer gets to zero; after this, the character will become unconscious. The player – from an endgame screen – is asked if they want to progress with the game once their player is knocked unconscious. Download Earthbound ROM here.

From the endgame, Ness is brought back into the game when the player clicks yes. He comes with half the money and other unconscious players. Tactical advantages can be gained because the game is not random. To get a first strike opportunity you will need to encounter the enemy from behind. This can be seen on the translucent green screen. When the swirl is red then the enemy can attack you from behind. A blue swirl indicates neutral priority. As ness and his friends acquire new strength they automatically win battles with weaker enemies. With time instead of monsters chasing them, they flee once they see Ness and his friends. Download Earthbound ROM here.

To save the game progress you will need Ness father currency. When the party defeats enemies they receive money deposits from Ness father. They can then withdraw the cash from an ATM. Currency can be used in specific towns to purchase armor, weapons and other items. You can increase weapon and armor strength and defense making them more powerful and stronger. There special items that can be purchased for healing. In these towns, players can access medical facilities and be healed free. To unlock more game features download our Earthbound ROM here.

What is the Plot in Earthbound?

The game takes place after a few years after the last game – Mother. The game involves the protagonist – Ness – and his neighbor Pokey who embark on a journey to investigate a meteorite crash. An alien by the name Giygas wants to consume the world and spread hatred. Giygas also wants to turn humans, animals, and objects into malevolent Earthbound ROMcreatures who will spread his propaganda. To pre-empt this from occurring a small bee is sent from the future to with instructions for Ness. Ness is selected to stop Giygas plans by collecting melodies into a small stone. However, the small bee is killed accidentally by picky’s mother and pokey who confuse it for a pest. Download our Earthbound ROM here.

To help him accomplish his mission Ness is helped by Poo (ponytailed martial artist), Jeff (eccentric inventor) and Paula (psychic girl). Ness finds them while his visiting the eight sanctuaries. In their journey, Ness saves Paula while visiting cultists in the happy valley from Threed – zombies – where they had fallen prey. Paula uses her telepathy to send an SOS to Jeff who is in Winters boarding school. The journey takes the party to Fourside city, Mr. Saturn and Summers seaside resort. Poo who happens to be the prince of Dalaam engages in a vehement meditation called “Mu” and joins the party after this. To unlock more game features download our Earthbound ROM here.

The party continues there journey through several territories: an underworld with forgotten dinosaurs, the Scaraba desert, a village with creatures called Tenda who are in search of a magical book to overcome their shyness and the deep dark swamp. Ness discovers and has to overcome his personal dark side located in a place called the Magicant. Ness and party transfer their souls into robots through the Phase distorter; this is a time machine that enables them to travel in time and defeat Giygas. They soon discover that their friend Pokey has been working with Giygas. Pokey has in his possession a device with an alien. Pokey wins in the fight and unleashes Giygas but turns the device off. The group is forced to fight the monster. Download Earthbound ROM here.

Download Earthbound ROMThe fight is intense forcing Paula to reach out to earth’s inhabitants for help. The inhabitants pray for the group, which leads to Giygas weaknesses being brought to the fore. Giygas weakness is human emotions – which the team exploits to their advantage by defeating the monster. The game ends with a message from Pokey to Ness to come and locate him. To access our awesome editor Download Earthbound ROM here.

Earthbound Development and Reception

The game was developed over five years. Satoru Iwata was responsible for the game’s production. He later becomes CEO and President of Nintendo. The development of Earthbound faced various challenges; the team was different from those who made mother one. The team – though unmarried – was unwilling to work overnight to finish development of the game. The teams were split into two: HAL and Ape team. The Ape team had more programmers and worked on text, specific data, and maps. The team would hold bi-weekly meetings at the HAL offices located in Mount Fuji. Download our Earthbound ROM here.

Mother 2 – Earthbound – begins with the reappearance of Giygas (the antagonist in both games). The player of renaming their characters or going with those in Mother one. The game has a change in plot and, features in an effort to attract girl players. Itoi the director of the series encouraged staff to contribute towards several scenes. To give the dialogue a conversational tone it was written in Japanese Kana which made it quirky and goofy. Most of the characters in the game are modeled after real people. The desert miners found in the game are fashioned after some executives in the Japanese construction company. You can download Earthbound ROM here.

The final scene where Giygas is defeated is based on shintoho film called Military police and dismembered beauty. There is a traumatic scene from the game that shintoho had scene while in his childhood. The hit points where initially pachinko balls that would drop off the screen when hit. This was later changed due to characters with high health. One the hardest items in the game to implement was the bicycle. It used controls similar to those for tanks. Ape programmers took more challenges when designing the game than the rest. On the way off screen, they were of the view that it would bring humor if the delivery person runs through obstacles when making deliveries. Download our Earthbound ROM here.

The artists required extra attention for the diagonal streets in the oblique projection. The game does not use an overworld screen like other RPG games. This because the screens do now distinguish between towns and other areas. The team went ahead to develop their own unique screens. One favorite street is threed. The game was released on 12 megabit cartridge. To access our editor download Earthbound ROM here.

How to Use Our Earthbound ROM

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Compatibility and Security

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Customer Support

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